The Power of Intelligence

Innovare AI Based Video Analytics Application Software

Innovare Technology Solutions Inc, has developed a state of the art, Windows OS dependent, browser based Artificial Intelligence based Video Analytics application system.

It is a Light-weight, Multi-user based exception monitoring solution that runs on Windows environment with popular internet Browsers. The Dashboard application is locally hosted and available within Hindalco Industries Limited LAN and WAN.


Application Advantages

Supported Systems

  • Light-weight, Browser based application Software
  • State of the art user interface
  • Never loses any frames from networked camera channels
  • No dependency on expensive Hardware & Software
  • Connecting existing infrastructure
  • Available in LAN and WAN
  • Immediate detection and Alert
  • Windows Operating System
  • MS SQL Server Express Database
  • As the system is available in LAN primarily, Internet connectivity not required

AI Based Video Surveillance & Alert System

AI Based Video Analytics Application Software is one of our innovative solution. This is a browser-based application with all the benefits of managing and monitoring the security compliance across locations. It is an instrument to monitor people movement inside the plant. This software is designed to streamline the safety compliance policies within the plant area. The core of this application is a contact management system for tracking and recording every incidents of the exceptions for each locations and report to the concerned authorities for necessary actions.

  • Central Monitoring and Management System
  • Maintaining Compliance Exception Database
  • Never lose track of a video frames received from networked cameras
  • Integrated with Email and SMS Gateway for quick notification
  • Following peoples will be considered:
    • Employees
    • Contractors
    • Technicians
    • Visitors
    • Others
  • Following Items will be detected and monitored
    • Safety Helmets
    • Safety Jacket
    • Safety Shoe
    • Safety Eye wear/Glasses
    • Face Mask Detection and maintaining Social Distancing as a part of COVID-19 protocol
  • Introducing audio/voice alert mechanism to each target camera IP address for quick people awareness